Friday, August 14, 2009

The Nehalem Mac Pro Review

Featuring 8 cores of Holy Shit! This thing is a fucking monster-ass cheese grater lookin' monolith of goddamn! Just look at that picture of it! It's got a spotlight over it (yet somehow the lighting is remarkably even) and it's siting in a dark room on top of some kind of glass lookin' shit. Just look at it! This thing has a reflection but doesn't even cast a shadow! That's how you KNOW it means business! I'm a part time photographer that rarely gets work so I need the fastest and most expensive stuff I can buy, hey we all have our demons. And speaking of demons did I mention that this thing is Hella fast? It's got sixteen virtual processors and with twelve gigs of DDR3 ram it's a media crunching fuck-you-render-times badass!

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