Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh Em Gee!

OMG, I'm totally a cylon! I have an inexplicable amount of physical strength, I find myself focusing far too much on the destruction of mankind and I have no discernible conscience! I'm totally a sleeper agent! YES! Now I don't have to worry about dying, when this body dies I'll be downloaded into an identical one, I'll wake up somewhere else as if nothing ever happened. Well, except I'll have to figure out how to get off that base ship and back to earth and I recall that being kind of a problem for them. And waking up covered in gelatinous goo isn't exactly hugs and puppies! Although it is a matter in which I have much experience. It's too bad they can't resurrect the clothing you were wearing along with you. Damn, I just know I'm gonna die in some of my best shoes! But I can't wait to hang with Tricia Helfer, I just know we're gonna be best friends. We can braid each others hair and talk about all the hot humans we're gonna rape and destroy. OMG I'm totally gonna slit my wrists right now! Be right back...

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