Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Wanna be a VAMPIRE!

Wouldn't it just be the coolest shit since GenEva! All my dreams would come true! I would be young (well kinda) forever, not have to work and since I feed on the blood of the living I would have a good excuse for killing some bitches! Oh that would be some mad shit. My parents would be seriously pissed though, they had to get used to me sucking on one thing already I don't think they could handle the whole living on blood thing. Also being a vampire means you get to turn into a bat and shit! Or just a really bad ass looking human with some wicked fangs and a fucking drama queen cape! I could fuck a werewolf and have some hairy bitch babies, then eat em cause I'm a fuckin' VAMPIRE! I would be out all night just hitting up clubs looking for some sweet ass homos and some B negative mutha fuckas! I could spin round turn into some fog and shit and wail on a bitch. I'd dance to some emo music cause I'm a tortured ass fucking brooding pale skinned eyeliner wearing VAMPIRE! Probably listen to Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus.

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