Thursday, August 27, 2009

Excuse me sir....

I hate people who embody all the traits of their stereotype, but none quite as much as butch-ass lesbians! I saw what I at first thought was a very unattractive teenage boy walking thru the mall. Then I realized, no, those wide hips, that blue polo, the short blonde hair and slight mustache all belong to a big fat carpet munching lesbo. Come on just fucking man up and put some heels on you stupid bitch! Nobody wants to wear heels and lipstick but you just fucking do it because it makes you look sexy and feel powerful. Lipstick equals power, ask any Mac employee for elaboration in case you're not aware of this blatantly obvious fact. I mean seriously what does this chick see in the mirror that makes her think, "ok now I look good, I can now go out into the world, behold my presentable-ness"? If she likes women that like women why is she a man! A really really ugly man at that! What lesbian wants to be with an ugly man? Now some people may say that a person should just be themselves, I say Fuck that! It's fine to be yourself unless your goal is to look like a big fuckin mess! Because if that's the case just OD and spare our eye's from the visual onslaught that it is to behold your ugly ass. She even walked like a cocky stuck-up man. That's not even attractive for a real man much less a fish wrangler. There's just no excuse for this. Nothing can justify this atrocity. It's an affront to humanity. The united nations should get involved.

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