Friday, April 23, 2010


Ok, I didn't just realize this recently or anything but working in retail sucks! Seriously is there a worse job in the world than having to.. Ugh, "help people". So I work in a retail job and let me tell you, no one is less cut out to offer customer service than me. Extremely moody people are cut out for great things but unfortunately none of them involve making money. Now if I was helping people to decide to commit suicide I'd be top earner. That's the kind of job I need. I could tell people the truth, like, "oh just do it, have you looked at yourself lately, you're not getting any prettier, it's all downhill from here, nobody loves you and your getting one mad double chin and you don't have any money you don't even have kids to take care of you when you're senile, do you know what they do to you in nursing homes, do it now and there'll still be a moderately attractive corpse for people to bid farewell to." OMG, I just got chills writing that! Damn I wish that was a real job! Fuck! Why can't I make money from something I'm good at?!?!

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